Debbie is an excellent personal trainer. She trains my mum who is 64 and myself, 23 and completely caters the program to fit the persons needs and capabilities. She taught me so much about posture and my back, which for me is essential with severe scoliosis. She will take as long as you need till you get the position and exercise right. Could not recommend her and her professionalism enough. thanks!
Debbie is very motivational, patient and really listens to clients. I was a bit dubious about getting back to any kind of fitness after a torn Achilles, but I can honestly say she has given me motivation and confidence to continue when I return to UK after holidays. Don't hesitate in contacting Debbie, you won't regret it! #fitnessgoals
Debbie is an excellent trainer who makes you nail the basics right at the start so that your form is perfect before you start increasing weights. I have learned so much about good posture and the right way to do things. Highly recommended.
I’ve done both personal training and classes with Debbie. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She took me from feeling uncomfortable with myself after having my daughter to stage ready for me first body building competition. She made the whole process seem easy from diet to my own personalised work outs. She is highly qualified and knows how to get the best out of any one from total gym novice to frequent gym goer. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to feel bad look their best.
Training with debbie was the best experience, not just for learning but for results too...... I feel so comfortable and happy with my body now and also have all the confidence to go and train alone......she doesnt just help you achieve your goals but teaches you how to understand all aspects of the gym in the process including diet! I couldn't reccomend her enough shes honestly the best teacher and fills you with encouragement.. thanks Debbie Gilbey for helping me achieve my goals xxxxx
5* training from Debbie i loved it would definitely recommend
25th April 9am to 9pm www.facebook.com/enhancefitnessacademy1 will be Live streaming a 12 Hour Fitness Fundraiser for the NHS Royal Papworth Hospital, who are currently looking after my Mum during her fight against Covid19.