What do I wear?

Anything that you feel comfortable wearing and you can move around in easily. Gym style clothing is always the most appropriate. Trainers are the ideal shoes as they support both the foot and ankle. (Colour of the sole is not important)

What do I need to bring with me?

Just a towel for sweat! Water is available to buy on site or you can bring your own. There are lockers available as well for any valuables.

I have never been to a gym before, where do I start?

With all private sessions a plan will be specifically tailored towards yourself, your goals & your personal limitations.

Do I have to have a high fitness level to attend training sessions or classes?

NO! All my sessions are suitable from the very beginner up to the most experienced person. Your general fitness level will increase over time with the training.

Are the classes hard?

The classes are as hard as you make them! As I welcome all levels of fitness to each class, every exercise or move has varying levels of difficulty. You choose which option suits you best during each session.

What does a typical Personal Training session consist of?

While no two people are alike, a normal session will always contain a warm up, a specific focus for the session & a cool down. Every session is tailor made to you!

What does a class consist of?

All the classes begin with a warm up to get the blood pumping to the muscles, followed by some light stretching. Next is the main session (depending on which class you have come to, please see class descriptions for specific details.) Every session is rounded off with some resistance exercises e.g. ab curls / squats, again varying on which class you have attended; then lastly there is a stretching section to increase flexibility.

I’ve had previous injuries will this be a problem?

This is no problem at all! As long as your doctor has agreed that exercising will not exacerbate an old injury and you know and stick to your own limits, then you will be fine.

Should I avoid exercise if I have arthritis?

Absolutely NOT! Exercise is encouraged if arthritis is present as it can help to manage the condition. By keeping active you will help strengthen all the muscles around the joints which in turn prevents further deterioration.

Are there any age limitations?

All ages, levels & abilities are welcome to attend (Although for those under 18, I do need a signed parental consent form)

Can men attend?

YES!!! Everybody is welcome to reap the benefits of fitness.

25th April 9am to 9pm www.facebook.com/enhancefitnessacademy1 will be Live streaming a 12 Hour Fitness Fundraiser for the NHS Royal Papworth Hospital, who are currently looking after my Mum during her fight against Covid19.