Class Descriptions


A fantastic calorie burning class set to great motivating music on special stationary resistance bicycles.

Legs, Bums & Tums

Total toning for these troublesome areas mixing cardio and resistance exercises


Bounce your way to a better shape with this zero impact class. Simple to follow moves designed to get the heart pumping


Unique style of Hiit training. All classes between 17 – 23mins long (we allow 30mins to incorporate warm up / cool down)
It is an effective & functional whole body workout suitable for all levels of fitness to boost your fat burning!

Classes can be arranged on request for groups of 4 people or more. Additional classes to choose from include : Aerobics, FightTeam, Stretch & Tone, SwissBall, Circuits, Step or Yoga.

25th April 9am to 9pm will be Live streaming a 12 Hour Fitness Fundraiser for the NHS Royal Papworth Hospital, who are currently looking after my Mum during her fight against Covid19.