Body Analysis

This is a 5 part package to help track your progress during your training and to help you keep your goals in check.

Part 1:

The initial part is being weighed. It is important to find out your weight, as the figure is needed for the majority of calculations in the following parts.

Part 2:

I take all your vital measurements around various areas of the body. From this you can track how many inches you lose. Additionally it will give you a Hip to Waist ratio which can determine any potential health risks.

Part 3:

I then take a body fat measurement to quite literally determine the percentage of the overall weight that is not lean body mass. I do this by executing a 7 point caliper test on you. (It’s not as bad as it sounds!) Please note that a very low body fat percentage can be as damaging to overall health too.

Part 4:

I calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate. (BMR) This is the amount of calories your body will burn if you didn’t leave your bed all day! From this we can assess food habits and create a healthier eating plan.

Part 5:

Finally photos are taken, to track progress.

The session takes about 20 – 40 minutes, as I like to make sure all your questions or queries have been answered.

Couples are welcome to do a joint body analysis session.

25th April 9am to 9pm will be Live streaming a 12 Hour Fitness Fundraiser for the NHS Royal Papworth Hospital, who are currently looking after my Mum during her fight against Covid19.